What we'll ask you

Here's what we'll ask you upon initial contact:
  1. What's your name and where do you study ?
  2. What subject are the problems in ?
  3. How many problems do you have ?
  4. When is your deadline or exam ?
  5. Your contact info : telephone and email

What our clients ask us

Question: Can you solve these problems ?
Answer: Send a request or email us your problems. See the problem types.
Question: How much will it cost ?
Answer: For solving problems, we'll let you know after we get a chance to take a look at them. The prices are based on a common agreement, approximately $10 per handwritten page, depending on the difficulty and quantity of problems. In order to start working on your problems, we need a deposit.
Question: Where have you taught ?
Answer : in the Varna Technical University (TU-Varna) as well as the Economics University - Varna (VINS-Varna) See about us.